somehow twelve rosaries

You know when you’re going through your stuff and you find things that either start or stop your heartbeat. The bracelet, feels like another lifetime ago, I had liked it, put it on right away, and as any of my favorite pieces of jewelry you’ve owned (except my grandmother’s ring, which is in the exactContinue reading “somehow twelve rosaries”

may 10th 2020 8:34/quiet colors

I loved stepping out at that time, maybe 7:00, I’d see gentle tendrils of the night, but the color pallet wasn’t quite there bright things were still too bright and things that were out of place were not obscured by shadow yet. There were still children out, riding their bikes, enjoying a different kind ofContinue reading “may 10th 2020 8:34/quiet colors”

I’ve started a project, no promise I’m going to finish it but I’m making photos exclusively in my immediate neighborhood. In this case how long it would take me to get somewhere and back in an hour and a half. The feeling outside is heavy, and I’m working to capture that. Everything is empty evenContinue reading

Just Some Letters on the Page

It’s been a couple of weeks now, and besides the abject terror and the boredom (which is a truly bizarre combination), it’s been okay here. I try to touch base with my people a couple of times a week, I’m anxious about pretty much everything. I’m sad and angry, and exhausted. I feel like we’reContinue reading “Just Some Letters on the Page”

a very different life/shame it had to be a pandemic

It is day 11 for me, yesterday I didn’t have enough to put down to justify writing. I’m not sure if today is any different, we shall see. I took a drive to the pharmacy today, and it was glorious. It was also terrifying and strange as I and the other customers (there weren’t many)Continue reading “a very different life/shame it had to be a pandemic”