lake: one

the sightof the small tomedium sized lake in my town is a miracle
it’s silence is comfort, it’s fellow travelers quiet and respectful
i find myself holding my breath so much more these days
it’s so hard to breathe, you know?
but in the right light and the right warmth and the right breeze
that small alone place wants you to breathe with it
it very much has a comforting feel
even sitting on the concrete feed dangling right over the water
it’s icy sting there to remind you you are still here
the occasional group of teens sitting about
proving i’ve gotten old because I was terrified of the teens
i’m watching some goslings grow
in the breath before the sun sets on a nice day
the water goes midnight blue, by the time you blink your eyes have adjusted and it has gone ink black.
you come here to breathe yes,
you also come here to grieve
you come here to feel connection
connection that doesn’t quite feel as close in the home
watching the ripples is nice,
they are movement but nothing too extreme
nothing earth changing, even when the winds pick up
holding my mind sheltered there
while my body shelters at home

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