may 10th 2020 8:34/quiet colors

I loved stepping out at that time, maybe 7:00, I’d see gentle tendrils of the night, but the color pallet wasn’t quite there bright things were still too bright and things that were out of place were not obscured by shadow yet. There were still children out, riding their bikes, enjoying a different kind of childhood than had been enforced for a long time. They road circles around the main roads, they were empty, the adults had decided it was no longer time to play, more serious things I think. I turned the corner and boom, I’m hit with what I could only describe as my perfect color pallet. I checked my phone, I even have a screen shot of the time. You’ll all get to see how obsessed I am with the current doctor, but why keep secrets nothing matters?

May 10th 2020 8:34,
there was so much happening
the world was spinning and
you didn’t know how to hold on
you responded to the low hum of terror
everyone’s feeling it

but above it, this lake, this silence
those colors.
it was that time a day
when the greens and the blues grow closer
so the oranges and the reds can do their job
those signs, usually too bright for any real purpose
you feel your depth perception changing
as the stars start to pop

you sit, in your spot
already claimed
you went up against the teens
they’ll leave you alone

the water is black now,
no depth, barely any moonlight
to see the tiny pockets of wind
most things black and white now
there’s one house that leaves strips
of color lighting up the corner of the lake

i wonder if they like the stripes
or if they tried they would enjoy
quiet colors during quiet times

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