I’ve started a project, no promise I’m going to finish it but I’m making photos exclusively in my immediate neighborhood. In this case how long it would take me to get somewhere and back in an hour and a half. The feeling outside is heavy, and I’m working to capture that. Everything is empty even when it’s not. There’s an apprehension in the air, so I’m making photos of things that represent that to me or make me feel that way. To feel closed off to the world is a powerful thing people are experiencing right now.

I’ll keep saying it, to create is difficult right now, and to make something beautiful seems trite, maybe I’m photographing ugly things but I am also photographing the reality of the feeling right now. We’re all tired, the colors are a little bleak. So I’m trying to consolidate that with living a lifestyle that is not actively bad for my mental health. It’s a really hard balance. There is so much, politically, environmentally, physically, psychologically going on with me that it’s just too much. I’m sure so many of you feel the same way.

And some of us are faking our way through hoping it will help us really make it through. People living on their own are struggling in a way none of us with family and friends around ever could understand. There is some beauty there of course, things that are timed exactly tend to make the best of the situation. Sometimes we get lucky to have a series of things happen to us that makes our experience better.

Anyway I hope you liked some of the images, I hope you are taking care of yourselves, and I hope you can find some beauty in your immediate surroundings

love always

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