jumbled mess

It’s day seven, things are looking pretty bleak as far as how long we’re going to be quarantined. There’s not much I have to say, I’m still creating. It feels different now, it’s turned, it’s huge, and to try to think of the scope of what’s happening right now I immediately start crying. So I don’t I stay inside my little bubble (literally this time)

I’m tired of reflection though, I did so much of that the two months in the summer when I was very sick. I want to be doing things. I’m frustrated as we all are, but I’d like things to settle down into the jumbled mess our government was before. We really can’t handle any more being thrown at us, I don’t want to be numb to the numbers but I am. I’m also accepting that this might be it for me or someone I love. There’s so much that we’ve got to think about.

I’m trying to keep up a good attitude, I’m hoping that something good comes out of this thing, maybe universal healthcare, maybe people realizing why unions are a really really good thing.

I have a cough and a low fever, obviously I’m monitoring it and if it gets any worse I’ll get checked, I called and they aren’t even testing people who aren’t really sick. So I’m in my room, spending as little time as possible with my folks.

So it’s a bummer, this thing is going to define our lifetimes. I feel connected to people though, both my loved ones and strangers. Everyone is together on this one.

stay well

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