relative calm

Day three, as if I’m really observing anything. I am realizing that as a race we are not very sharp and it scares me. The people not taking this seriously are going to cause more deaths.

Someone pointed out I was keeping it pretty positive on the social media as of late. I’m good in a crisis, I’m actually excellent in a crisis. All that anxious energy has somewhere to go so I’m pretty calm. Don’t get me wrong I’m absolutely terrified, but I’m calm. My therapist calls it a trauma response, hey at least it did something helpful right?

I feel pretty connected to people, it’s nice that despite the huge amount of awfulness there’s an awful lot of good going around too. A lot of love. Something has to make up for the lack of love growing above us. I think we were all waiting for a good excuse to make that phone call. We all have someone who’s always in our back pocket to think about.

I’m not sure if it’s the lack of work or the relative calm, but I’m making stuff. It’s nice. I’m photographing (although I’m really having the hardest time with the ipad). There are quite a few things I need to work on during this time. Why not though? We’re stuck here, we have very little human contact and when we do it’s rarely physical. We can reflect a bit on ourselves. I know I’ve been meaning to make some changes for a long time, and I haven’t and I’ve made excuses, time being the biggest one.

We all have a lot of time though, or at least we should. I shouldn’t have to say this but follow what the doctors are saying, and wash your fucking hands.

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