Everything is just not quite right, I think we’ve been feeling this for a while, but for me it really hit home today. I was walking around my block and there was no one. Not a soul. We’ve been joking since the beginning of the Trump presidency we’re in a different timeline, but it now appears we are in some sort of worse pocket timeline. All of those nightmares seem to be happening at once.

I am not usually a panicked when it comes to the big stuff (tell me to make a phone call and I’m shaking in my boots), but this panics me. I do not think that the response was as aggressive or swift as it should have been and I think we are going to take great losses as a society and as individuals.

We’re coming together, none of us are familiar with this feeling, hurricane’s have ends, tornadoes have ends, we don’t know when this will end. So we’re supporting the artists and we’re singing songs, and we’re starting to take it seriously which is the most important thing.

I’m no epidemiologist nor am I a scientist of any type, but I am somewhat of a feelings expert as mine are large and there are many of them. This time is going to cause trauma, be gentle with each other. This time is going to test relationships, know we are all trying our best.

We are going to come out of this a changed country for better or worse, how we handle the treatment of each other is going to be much more important than how the government is handling it, which is poorly. We’ve got to come up with ways to stay connected, to keep that six foot gap but let it be fun. Watch a movie “together”. Use all this technology to help connect with each other. This is going to be a long one, it’s going to be a scary one, and we’re all going to have to agree early on that we’re going to weather this together. Make sure you’re reaching out to the vulnerable in your community, the elderly, the sick, the mentally ill. Check on that person that’s been a little too quiet in the group chats.

Anyway, I have what I would say are two pillar millennial feelings on this, nothing matters, and I’m too terrified to leave my house. We are an nihilistic bunch.

anyway, stay safe.
lets say it all together now
wash your fucking hands

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